Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 25 (Picture from Halloween)

I fixed the #%#$^&! digital camera. This is from Halloween.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 23 update

We're doing dialysis today (Sunday). We normally do Monday/Wednesday/Friday, but for the next two weeks we're doing Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. This gives the dialysis staff Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve off. Everybody came in very early, so there's still some weekend left when we finish.

Yesterday, we participated in a ceremony at our synagogue to give him (i.e., add) a new Hebrew name - Chaim ("life"). He's now Yaakov Chaim Avraham Silverman. This is apparently an orthodox/Lubavitcher tradition, but we went with the flow. He didn't even participate in the process. Dad was part of the minion, the prayer was recited at the Torah, and presto. The scary part was Dad having to recite the Hebrew prayers that are looong forgotten. Reading Hebrew with my 41 year old eyes is out of the question, so it's a memory thing. Jake was out playing with the other kids while all this was taking place, and Mommy was behind the lace curtain (the sexes are separated at the shul during services, much to her displeasure). It was nice, because the synagogue building had a serious fire last week and services were held in somebody's house. The house had a big front yard, it was a beautiful day (70 and sunny), and Jake had a fabulous time playing with the other children. I had suggested adding Shaquille as his new name, but nobody seconded the motion.

He had a flu/cold for a few weeks, but he's mostly recovered. He still has that little kid chest cough that comes from not knowing how to blow his nose or cough up, but there's no more fever. Kidney function is unchanged. The docs seem to feel that the lack of improvement in creatinine levels means that transplant is the proper course. That would still hold to a schedule where we "go on the list" in March or so.

We're staying home for the holidays. After the new year, Jake and Mommy will go to Jacksonville for a few days (with one day of dialysis in Jacksonville).