Monday, September 28, 2009

Better news

Jake's creatinine levels are back to his normal levela.  We got the test results in preop, so the biopsy was cancelled and we'll drive back to Miami this afternoon.  I'll include more detail latet - this post is from my phone.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yom Kippur Update

We've been boogie-boarding in Fernandina Beach all weekend. We were supposed to drive home tomorrow evening, but instead we're driving to Gainesville later this afternoon. Jake is scheduled to have a radiology-assisted kidney biopsy at 11 tomorrow. I hate those late morning procedures, because he can't eat all morning. due to the anesthesia. We'll have to stay overnight at the hospital to recover from the biopsy, and we'll see the results Tuesday morning.

Jake had previously tested positive for BK virus, which is fairly common in the population but which poses a problem when you're immuno-suppressed. His creatinine numbers are up this week, so they want to take another biopsy to see if he's rejecting, etc. If he needs an anti-viral treatment, we may be in the hospital a while because that's a pretty serious IV-administered medicine. I need to talk to the docs, because my view is that all of this can be done, if necessary, at home instead of Gainesville.

Jake has been stalking some pretty serious (and expensive) Yu Gi Oh decks on ebay. I told him that we can't bid on them because we need to save that kind of thing until we need an in-hospital distraction. He agreed. There's a t-shirt for sale on one of the sites that says "My deck costs more than your car." That's an exaggeration for most cars, but a "Lightsworn" deck costs several hundred dollars.

I only brought one laptop with me for this trip, because we weren't expecting the detour. If it lasts, I may "need" to buy another one. That always gives me some editorial fodder.