Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dr. Seuss dress up day at school

Jake was a star-bellied sneeetch. His friend Lucas was Thing 2. The green hair is not a medication side effect.

Back to Legoland

We got to do a very quick make up trip to Legoland after dialysis on the last full day in San Diego. Jake got to meet the Master Builder, tour the workshop, and make a Lego model of himself which went into the permanent display. Look closely at the model in Jake's hand.

Day 2 - DisneyLand?

We left the hotel so Jake could go for his special planned day at LegoLand. We we arrived, we were informed that the park was closed for the day because it was raining. Jake was despondent, so we decided to drive up to DisneyLand. He calmed when we hit the Lego store at Downtown Disney (which had better stuff than at LegoLand). He got picked to pull the sword out of the stone, and he was very excited after that.

Day 1 at Legoland

We landed in San Diego, and went to Rady Children's Hospital the first full day for his scheduled dialysis. It turned out his catheter was cracked, so that meant general anesthesia and surgery, and an overnight stay at the hospital. When he woke up, we decided to skip the San Diego Zoo and do an extra day at LegoLand (which was a good thing, as you'll later see).

Make A Wish travel to California

The trip was pretty impressive - limo to the hotel, cockpit trip (as soon as they cleared him off the terrorist list), special rental car reception and an incredible hotel room with bay and ocean views.

Trip to Sebring

We went to Sebring so Jake could pull the winning raffle ticket. The event was the national Porsche Owners Club get together, and Jake got to ride in the pace car around the track.

3/20 Update - Make a Wish and other things

We've been pretty busy. Jake had his Make A Wish trip to Legoland in San Diego, with a side trip to DisneyLand. We had another trip to Sebring Florida so Jake could pull the winning entry in a Make A Wish Raffle for a special edition Porsche Cayman. He's currently on the kidney transplant waiting list, and we still go to dialysis three times a week. The next few entries will be some of the pictures from our trips ...