Friday, May 25, 2012

Hopefully the end of a book (or at least a chapter)

Jake's kidney numbers are back down - to merely "elevated".  We hope that he'll be discharged today.  He's stil overcoming the flu, so he's been asleep most of the day.  That's very unusual for him, because he usually gets up fairly early and refuses naps.

Since he's getting over the flu, we won't have company for a few more days.  Since he's recovering from the biopsy, that means no swimming or exertion for 10 days. Those two factors probably combine to form a festival of Lego and video games. 

I'm hoping to finsish cleaning the garage this weekend, so that may lead to some arcade gaming with me and Jake.  Otherwise, we'll sit on the couch and hang out and play games.  Sadly, the games reflected a better parenting option than his other preference - a nonstop series of Family Guy and American Dad episodes from Netflix.  It's the better of two alternatives.

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