Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kidney Rejection II - Electric Boogaloo

We're back in the "hotel" for a few days. Jake's kidney function blood levels are pretty bad (Creatanine 1.4, BUN 43) .  He had a biopsy yesterday, which tested negative for the various bad viruses and such, but positive for organ rejection. Just like the last two times, we're back in the hospital for a three day IV treatment of Solumedrol (in massive 400ml doses).  Presuming that it works, he may be back in next week for every-other-day pediatric ambulatory treatments.

He's a trooper, and isn't afraid of the hospital or the treatment. He's primarily concerned about the lack of ample internet bandwidth.  He's got the iPad, and has hit me up for purchases of "donuts" on the online virtual simpsons game.  I'm used to sleeping on the chair, and have no problem going to work in the morning once Jen comes in to take over.

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mark said...

Sending love and best wishes for a speedy recovery xo