Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easy Saturday Status

Jake's feeling pretty good right now. He's taken 2 naps already (kind of an indication he's a bit drained) and several of his friends are stopping by this afternoon.  Right now he's putting together some Legos with Flynn.  We may have to formally register his desire at the Lego store, because that's what people bring when they visit.  Luckily, Flynn's a Lego nut too, and he has a mental checklist of what Jake already has.

His blood sugar is high.  We presume that's steroid-related, but he's got to lay off sugar and carbs for a while.  It's an odd situation, because pre-transplant people have to go on a low protein diet.  I asked, and they said that they don't adjust a transplant kid's diet until absolutely necessary. Even though his kidney is currently problematic, its apparently more important for a kid to get the protein.

The current plan is to go home tomorrow and come back Monday-Wednesday-Friday for additional IV servings of solumedrol.  There was some talk of staying over until Monday, but I wanna go home. Jake would probably prefer to stay over, because his primary fear is the needle prick, and he's afraid of the Monday IV needle (as opposed to simply keeping his current IV for an extra day).

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